KCash Multi Chain Wallet – KCash Partner Huobi Ecological Zone

KCash Multi Chain Wallet – KCash Partner Huobi Ecological Zone
KCash is all in one of the crypto currency wallet, aimed to resolving the inconvinience of managing a variety of digital asset.  KCash provide multi-chain wallet technology, user of KCash wallet are able to store, manage and exchange BTC, ETH, BTS and some various popular digital asset with integrated management on KCash wallet. KCash Multi Chain App available for platform mobile Android and iOS, user can download on KCash official website.
KCash has a high-performance blockchain (Kchain), which support Turing-complete smart contract. Main chain of Kchain is a non-Turing complete smart contract.  Kchain also support one-click side chain.  With supported of side chain, Kchain are provide to user proprietary cross-chain and cross-contract technology that links the main chain and linked to side chain. KCash provide mutliple security of wallet with private key, mutliple signature technical support and two-step authorization verification, and multiple verification methods to ensure the safety of digital asset.
Source: https://www.kcash.com/ 
User of KCash wallet in the future will able to apply for virtual or phisical bank card through KCash oline. Its will happenned because KCash has already corporated with Visa, Master and other international banks and card issuers to jointly issue crypto currency banks. User are able to use card for online and offline transaction for buy goods and service to access ATM for withdrawal in the tens of millions banks cards network around the world.

KCash developer is partner of Huobi Ecological Zone which provide service exchange of KCash in Huobi Ecosystem with Huobi Token in Huobi Pro Exchange and listing on HADAX. Huobi Ecological Zone partner will have a stronger synergy to build real value for user of Huobi Ecosystem. From this corporated with KCash, on July 16 at (+8 UTC) Kcash will available on HADAX and Huobi Pro exchange. User can trade with pair KCASH – HT (Huobi Token). You Can Register New Huobi Pro Account Here .
Source: https://www.kcash.com/ 

Feature KCash Wallet App
KCash multi-chain digital wallet will help user to manage digital asset. KCash wallet are support to store various popular digital asset i.g; ETH,BTC, BCH and other type of digital asset. For ensure security and convenient users KCash app have characteristics;
One-Stop Management Service, this can reduced time fo user to manage their portofolio for store digital asset as well as the standard protocol of smart cotract perform,
Decentralized Service, provide users with decentralized crypto currency storage location, the wallet keys adn all the private keys and all various crypto currency stored into the local users system,
Multiple Security Assurance, make sure for KCash user to completely control their wallet keys, and KCash provide multiple signature technology and two step authoization verification like phone code and fingerprints or other biometric when doing transfer digital asset,
Multilingual Support, KCash wallet app support multiple lagnguages for user on different country; Chinese, English, Japan, and Korea. Multilingual Support for a world-class wallet application.
Simple and Swift Transaction, KCash provide user for simply and optimizing selection mecanism to buying and selling price of digital asset with connecting the exchanges API. User only need to input number to complete the transaction like on e-commerce platform.
Simple Deposit Tool, user of Kcash Wallet app can buy Bitcoin with credit card and iPOS by coorperating with payment service provider. When user initiate to purchase transaction, it will connect iPos via the Kcash App, and then swipe VISA card to complete the trading of buying Bitcoin, for example $100 Bitcoin. Kcash Backend system transfers $100 to the exchanges API, and then transfer it back to the users wallet after the exchanges complete its purchase Bitcoin. The whole proess is as simple as the offline credit card consumption.
KCash Technical Feature and Innovation
KCash used SHA512-ZERO Algorithm Encryption Technique. SHA is a series of cryptographic hash function designed by the national security agency (NSA) and publihsed by national institute of standard technology (NIST). Through the costumizatin of SHA512 encryption technology, the SHA512-ZERO encryption technology which exclusively used by Kcash is developed to guarantee the data security of the KCash network.
KCash implemented lightning network by the following technical skills, basically speaking, it is based on the existing blockchain network to bulid Kcash VPN subnet, realize the second-level confirmation for fund transfer, and ensure the real-time consumption of credit card is not affected by blockchain network. All the record blockchain transfer of use mobile client KCash app have encryption the SHA512-ZERO encryption mark. KCash developed enterprise blockchain node, which enable to detect Kcash user blockchain activity at any time, verify the validity, do flow analysis, etc. Kcash server receives blockchain node analysis when user initiated the charge request, it can real-time verify, to provent malicious double spend.

Legend below, the blue ones is KCash global deployed sniffer node:

Source: https://www.kcash.com/doc/whitepaper

KCash developer is partner of Huobi Ecological Zone. This partnership will help Kcash insight to people of crypto world with Huobi Ecosystem for accelaration of developed Kcash Product. Huobi will focus on creating value, leading innovation and will continue to receive rewards brought by the development of KCash developer that is KCASH Token, and HADAX decide to launch the Huobi Ecological Zone, specifically to provide the exchange between HT (Huobi Token) and Huobi Eco Partner Token (KCASH).

Source: https://www.huobi.com/topic/eco 

Huobi Ecological Zone foundation has launched by HADAX (Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange) corporated with many excellent blockchain enterprises, including trading platform, news platform, wallet, mining pool, incubator, asset management institution and other different forms, to taking the first step in the global landing strategy of Huobi Ecological Zone.