Get More Improvement on New Updates Huobi Global iOS App

Get More Improvement on New Updates Huobi Global iOS App
Huobi Global has been released new updates on mobile application for platform iOS with version 3.4.7, user of iOS app will get new feature and more stable and new interface experience on this version. There are 5 new improvements which can use for help user to executed trading and executed transaction fund on Huobi Pro and HB10 market for more easy on their Iphone and Ipads. You can download or updated to new version Huobi Global iOS App by Following This Link .

HB10 Avalable to Provide Clear View of Market Trends
New iOS app version 3.4.7 provide new layout with HB10 price. When user open Huobi Global mobile app on first screen user you will see real-time update HB10 price and if user holding HB10, they will see all balance of HB10 in usd and usdt price. HB10 is composed of 10 coins with high market value, large scale, and good circulation among the listed coins of Huobi Global.

For use this feature, you can tap on first screen at HB10 Index and iOS app will displayed market trend of HB10 Index. Its will more easy for user to select 10 coins of composed HB10 index and you can directly access market for view market trends and for trade coins 
More improvements Swap in-Swap out to access HB10 on iOS
When user access market on trading activity and transaction coins then if user want to see other 10 market trends of composed HB10 index, they can swap in and swap out screen Huobi Global app. Functions of swap in and swap out trends will increase liquidity of HB10 on iOS and give rise to variety of arbitrage space and methods on 10 coins of composed HB10 index.

Of course if you have access to trade on Huobi Pro market, you only need to swap in and swap out screen app for directly access HB10 Index. Swap in to access HB10 on iOS and tap screen for selected other trading market pair, including HT (Huobi Token) market and Huobi Pro market with pair HT, BTC and USDT.
Tap Candlestick on Active Market Provide More Information
HB10 on iOS app new updates will give you more information price in active market. You can view open price, close price, lower price and high price with tap or hold on candlestick. This Feature available on all Huobi Pro market.

Select and tap coins market, and you can change and select time frame, example; 4 hours or 15 minutes of market performance, then app will displayed real time price and history price of coins which provide candlestick, date and high or lower price change. Tap or hold on candlestick to view all data price. More information of coins performance from candlestick will give you specify price to create order buy and order sell when make trading transaction. You can try this feature with download or updated to new version Huobi Global iOS App by Following This Link .
Switch Night Mode with One Button to Protect Your Eyes
To protect your eyes when used Huobi Global app, new version of iOS app provide one button for switch night mode and day mode. You can switch the mode in ”My” module. You will more confident when active trading at night and feeling safe when browse HB10 and Huobi Pro market at night.

When you switch to night mode, all background app including home, my module, HB10 Index market, and Huobi Pro will switch to black colour. Market Trends data will change to low light green colour and blue colour. Huobi Global iOS app function on night mode its same as well with day mode, this only changed background colour of iOS app for protect your eyes.
Animation Interface is Added for Dynamic Effects
You can try new dynamic effects on new Huobi Global iOS app, there are have animation effect on app start up and dynamic display. Scan this QR Code for download or updated to new version Huobi Global iOS App and find new experience your trading activity at Huobi Pro, and HB10 on iOS.