China Construction Bank updates its Blockchain platform after trading $ 50 billion

China Construction Bank (CCB) has officially released the second version of the blockchain trading platform, after gaining 360 billion yuan (US $ 50 billion) in cumulative transaction volume. .

CCB will actively promote the blockchain platform

On October 9, Xinhua News Agency reported that CCB, one of the four largest banks in the People’s Republic of China, announced the release of BCTrade 2.0, a blockchain trade finance platform. digitalization of financial and commercial services between 54 domestic offices and CCB branches abroad and 40 cooperative organizations, including a number of state-owned and international banks.

The platform will conduct commercial and financial activities, such as receivables and financial transactions, and aim to provide a commercial financial framework to monitor financial activities in a variety of ways. Real-time field. Deputy Governor of Construction Bank Ji Zhihong said the bank will actively promote the blockchain platform and invite more colleagues in the banking industry to join.

In March 2019, CCB published its 2018 report showing that the blockchain trade finance platform they built was trading up to 200 billion yuan ($ 30 billion) as of the end of 2018.

Since the launch of the trading platform, the cumulative trading volume has so far exceeded 360 billion yuan (US $ 50 billion).